Essays & Creative Work

On my back I can see the sky. The clear, sparkling blue, the rolling thunderheads, the way the two sides seem like they could fold together at the crease where I lie. I remember the gold miners, how they make coffee, how their children splash and dig, the maybe of their mornings, every time. One may think I am crazy, out here, trailing a woman’s ghost. Maybe I am. I can all but see her, the way she stands in the doorway of the old sauna at Morgamoja, her hand on the handle carved from a gnarled tree branch, her sleeves rolled up, her blue eyes challenging. The fireweed at her feet catches the late-day sun like tiny violet stars. She’s almost smiling.

“The Office of the Mayor of Miessi,” SLICE Magazine

Sing it Loud

A creative nonfiction writer looks to music for lessons on embracing vulnerability on the page

Creative Nonfiction, Issue 68: “Risk”

Fall 2018

First Light

Finding Home in Turbulent Waters

Decor Maine, November 2020

Long Live the King

A tribute to a fallen teammate, three years after his passing.

Ultiworld, 2020

How to Sleep in an Airport

Hippocampus Magazine, Issue 94

May/June 2019

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Additional Essays


The river woman is a bartender, shuttle driver, weekend warrior, company owner, water protector, mother, guide. She wakes when it’s raining and wonders what streams are running; packs her car at first light; leaves work early to catch the dam release. She speaks the river’s name with an almost religious reverence: a place of peace, of power and energy, of healing, of truest self, of home. On these waters she’s learned problem solving and quick decision-making skills, found confidence and voice, taken risks and faced fears. She lives for that trembling line between elation and destruction, the feeling of riding a white blade of water around boulders, eddies, and holes, over waves and waterfalls. She paddles it as hard as anyone.

“Women of the River,” Maine Magazine 2021

Maine Magazine

Past articles:

Just Do It: From organizing a summer camp in middle school to hiking the Appalachian Trail, Chloë Rowse has charted her own path, and encourages girls to do the same

Decor Maine

Saving the Sentinel

Saving the Sentinel

The people working to extend Fort Gorges’ lease on life and its place in Portland history

Jordan Kendall Parks_Lauryn Hottinger

Forests Inside Us

Jordan Kendall Parks uses natural materials to create art connecting land and people


The Click That Says Yes

Artist Kathleen Florance follows her intuition to address the challenges of our time

The Material Has More to Give You

Benjamin Spalding celebrates the life of objects—and humans—with a fresh approach to sculpture

Creative Projects

  • The Sky Where you Are
    • An opera libretto commissioned by An Opera Theater that sheds light on advocacy and domestic violence. World premiere: October 2020, Decameron Opera Coalition, Tales from a Safe Distance. Added to the Library of Congress in 2021.
  • Home of Air
    • Nonfiction poetry collection featured in Surface First Tilts West, visual artist Jordan Kendall Parks’ interactive outdoor art installation on Little Chebeague Island in Casco Bay, Maine.
  • Not an Apology: A Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellows Anthology
    • Editor

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